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Finnish 3-gun Championship 2011

5.6.2011: Final GT 2011 results. Final handgun component match results. Thank you to all competitors and officials for participating and sponsors for the support!

31.5.2011: No match booklet, food, or beverages are offered by the match organizers at the handgun match. Check the schedule for the handgun match. Verify lists will be available during the handgun match at . Those who shot the match on Friday or Saturday should check their scores by 13:00 Sunday.

16.5.2011: Some videos from the first two component matches.

24.4.2011: Intermediate GT results after two component matches have been published. Please contact the tournament stats director if you have questions or corrections.

22.4.2011: Handgun match stages.

12.4.2011: Component match registration fees must be paid directly to the organizing club of the component match, i.e. for rifle match to PorkkA bank account and for handgun match to SSG bank account. See the links on the left for component match specific information.

9.4.2011: A3 size wall calendars were given out at the first component match. There are still some calendars left and they will be available at the rifle component match registration desk. Also some of the prepaid GT-shirts have not been claimed yet, they will also be available for pickup at the rifle match.

30.3.2011: A list of confirmed teams for the GT has been posted, see the link on the left. If you have questions on the list contents, please contact the stats director.

IPSC level III Grand Tournament, about 25 stages and 400 rounds in total. This GT will be an official Finnish Championship tournament, but the component matches themselves are NOT Finnish Championship matches. Finnish Championships in each component discipline are organized separately.

Component main match dates and locations

Prematches are on Saturdays, on the day before main match. Further details on the component matches will be on component match specific pages later.

Registration procedure and priority

Competitor registration to the GT began on Sunday January 23, 2011 at 19:00 Finnish time (UTC + 2 hours, see the link on the left menu). There is a total of 70 competitor slots in the GT main match. The first 60 competitor slots are allocated in the order of registration, the last 10 were initially reserved. The reserved slots were filled on February 13 from those who had registered to the GT waiting list by that time. The reserved slots were distributed based on standings on the Finnish IPSC ranking lists and the judgement of the GT organizers.

Normal registration to the GT will end on March 6, 2011. After that date, late registration will be available for a higher match fee, if there are slots left in the match.

Registering to a single component match only

The shotgun match will not be accepting competitors that are not participating in the GT, sorry. Only officials that work the shotgun match and specifically invited persons are eligible to shoot the shotgun match without participating in the whole GT.

Also due to the GT being fully booked, non-GT competitors will not be accepted into the rifle match. Exceptions might be made on a case-by-case basis (members of the Finnish IPSC rifle team, for example).

The handgun component match will accept some non-GT competitors, contact the handgun match director for registration instructions.

Tournament divisions

In order to force competitors of each GT division to compete against each other in every discipline, the GT will only offer restricted divisions. Thus the GT divisions are the following (the same as in 2010):

GT divisions
GT divisionHandgunShotgunRifle
"Open"OpenOpenOpen SA
"Practical"StandardStandardOpen SA
"Standard"StandardStandardStandard SA
"Production"ProductionStandard ManualStandard SA

Tournament fees

Registration and payment of the personal Grand Tournament entry fee covers all three component matches as well as the GT. The GT team fee covers only the GT and is to be paid in cash at the first component match. Pre-registration (non-binding) of GT teams on the personal registration form is encouraged, however. All members (up to four persons) of a Finnish GT team must be representing the same shooting club because this is a Finnish Championship.

The tournament registration fee must be paid in full within two weeks (14 days) from submitting the registration form, or otherwise the registration is considered cancelled. All personal registration fees must also be paid by the end of the registration period, March 6, 2011. The above applies only to those who get a confirmed match slot, not those on a possible waiting list.

GT competitor fees
GT registration (–6.3.2011)juniors and ladies75 €
others150 €
Late GT registration (7.3.2011–)180 €
Team GT registration40 €

The table below applies to those who shoot all three component matches and officiate in 1–3 matces. Team fees are the same for both officials and competitors. GT match officials, by default, shoot all component matches in the prematch, even if they don't work the main match the following day.

GT match official fees
Shoot and work all 3 matchesfree
Shoot 3 matches and work 2 matchesfree
Shoot 3 matches and work 1 matchjuniors and ladies37,50 €
others75 €

Payment instructions

Register online to the Grand Tournament before paying any fees. When you get a confirmation of succesfull registration and slot allocation to the GT, then pay the personal registration fee within two weeks of registration, and in any case before March 6, 2011. Personal GT registration fees must be paid to Turku IPSC's bank account IBAN: FI04 5711 5850 0611 18, SWIFT/BIC: OKOYFIHH. Remember to add a message of format "GT lastname firstname shooterID" to the payment. If you are paying for multiple shooters, add the names and possible shooter id numbers of all shooters to the message. If a non-Finnish shooter wants to pay the registration fee in cash at the first component match, contact the stats director immediately after registering. Registrations that haven't been paid within two weeks of confirmed registration are considered cancelled.

Received payments are updated regularly to the list of registered shooters. If, after registration, you find out you won't be able to participate in the GT, please let the stats director know about it, so we can free your slot to the next person on the waiting list. Paid registration fees are only returned due to medical reasons (a medical certificate is required), but a paid registration fee can be transferred to someone else participating in this GT.

Component match fees

Component match fees apply to those that don't shoot the whole tournament. Tournament shooters are given priority slots to all component matches. Teams may or may not be recognized in each component match. Payments related to component matches are handled directly by the club organizing the match, see the match specific pages.

Component match fees
Registrationjuniors and ladies30 €
others60 €
Team registration20 €
Arbitration fee70 €

GT shirts

Shirts for the Grand Tournament will be made according to orders sent on the GT registration form. The shirt order period ends on February 27, 2011 and they must be paid to TIPSC bank account mentioned above. The cost for one shirt of any size for both competitors and match officials is 20 euros. The exact shirt design and material have not been finalized yet. The shirts will be available for pickup at the first component match.

For more information about the GT, see the contact page.

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