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Location - PorkkA Pistol Match 2010 - op/mod Finnish Championship

The match will be held in Upinniemi garrison in Kirkkonummi, about 40 kilometers south-west of Helsinki. Soup lunch including bread and juice will be available to competitors on Sunday for a price of 5 euros, cash only. The Soldiers' Home opens at 15:00 and offers for example pizza.

Access permits

Because the match is held inside a military area, everyone coming to the area needs an access permit as well as a photographic identification document (ID card, passport, etc). Access permits will be automatically applied for everyone registered to shoot or officiate in the match.

Anyone else planning on coming to the match area needs to contact the match director beforehand, so an access permit can be applied for. Non-Finnish citizens need to do this at least three weeks before the match, one week is enough for Finnish citizens.

Photographing and videotaping of events related to the match (briefings, stages, prize giving ceremonies, etc) is allowed. Photo/videographing anything else inside the military area is forbidden.

Directions to the range

Shooter registration on prematch and main match days will be at the rifle shooting range number 1 in Upinniemi. There's a green hut next to the shooting shelter. WGS-84 coordinates of the hut are approximately N60° 00.89' E024° 20.42'. Upinniemi garrison gate is located at around address Upinniementie 964, Kirkkonummi. The gate's WGS-84 coordinates are N60° 02.65' E024° 22.14'.

From Helsinki, take the motorway number 51, signed "Hanko". At about 27 kilometers from Helsinki, the road changes back to a four-lane road. Now take the exit signed "Upinniemi" and follow the signs to Upinniemi, road number 1191. After driving about 10 kilometers on the road to Upinniemi, you will be at the garrison gate.

Those registered into the match and others who have contacted the match director beforehand, will get through the garrison gate by showing the guard a photographic identification document, and by telling him/her that you are coming to an IPSC match organized by Porkkalan Ampujat. After passing the garrison gate, stay on the same road for about 3,5 kilometers more, until a metal mesh gate blocks your way. Turn left just before the gate and continue onwards about 200 meters. Then turn right to a dirt road, signed "Ampumaradat". When the dirt road branches the first time, take the right branch. Then on the next branch, take the left branch, signed "Ampumarata 1". Now find yourself a parking spot. There is very little room for parking on many of the shooting ranges, so please carpool with fellow shooters. Due to longish distances between the ranges, a car is necessary for movement between certain stages.

There is no public transportation to Upinniemi on Sunday mornings. A few trains stop at Kirkkonummi center in the morning, but no buses go to Upinniemi that early in the morning.

Map images

Southern Finland (Helsinki center is just east of Espoo and south of Vantaa):
southern Finland

Western capital area, road to Upinniemi (Upinniementie) drawn on thick red:
western capital area

Route to registration desk drawn on thick red from the garrison gate:
map of Upinniemi

Two first map images are couresy of OpenStreetMap, the last one is from an info sign ouside the garrison gate.

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