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Schedule - PorkkA Pistol Match 2011 - Production Finnish Championship

Small changes and additions may be done to the schedule, but the match days are confirmed.
All times are Finnish time (Eastern European Time). UTC is three hours behind Finnish time in the summer.

date time event
2011-06-15 20:00 Competitor web registration begins for production division shooters
2011-06-22 20:00 Registration begins for shooters from other divisions (open, standard)
2011-07-11 Priority slots (Finnish high-ranking production shooters, Finnish WS shooters) are allocated at the latest
2011-08-12 23:59 Normal registration ends. Late registration up to the beginning of the match is possible for Finnish citizens, subject to competitor slot availability.
2011-09-01 16:00 – Ranges reserved for stage construction, continues on Friday.
2011-09-03 07:00 – 08:00 Registration to prematch at the range (kiv 1)
08:15 Match staff briefing (kiv 1)
08:40 – Prematch
2011-09-04 07:00 – 08:00 Registration to main match at the range (kiv 1)
08:15 Competitor briefing (kiv 1)
08:40 – Main match. Awards ceremony estimated to begin by 18:00.

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