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Finnish Specialglass

Puu- ja rakennustarvikeliike OP-PUU

Finnish 3-gun Championship 2010 Rifle

IPSC level III rifle, 8 stages, 142 rounds (+PF), April 25th, 2010, divisions semi-auto open and standard, location Upinniemi garrison, Kirkkonummi, Finland. Also see the GT 2010 pages and the schedule there for information.

Score verification

Verify lists and stage results will hopefully be available in XHTML-format at during and after the rifle match. All three Finnish cellphone networks have coverage at the ranges and there's free WLAN available at the Upinniemi Soldiers' Home. Preliminary stage results will also be available in printed form outside the match office after all scores have been entered on Sunday. For final results, see the link in the left column.


If you have registered to and paid the Grand Tournament registration fee, you do not need to separately register to the component matches. The payment information below is only for those competitors that are not shooting the whole Grand Tournament.

Register online to the rifle match before paying any fees. When you get a confirmation of succesfull registration and slot allocation to the match, then pay the personal registration fee. Personal rifle match registration fees must be paid by April 4th to Porkkalan Ampujat ry Finnish bank account 144930-101973 (IBAN: FI26 1449 3000 1019 73, BIC/SWIFT: NDEAFIHH). Remember to add a message of format "rifle lastname firstname shooterID" to the payment. If you are paying for multiple shooters, add the names and possible shooter id numbers of all shooters to the message. If a non-Finnish shooter wants to pay the registration fee in cash at the registration desk, contact the stats director before the payment due date. Registrations that haven't been paid by April 4th are subject to cancellation.

Received payments are updated regularly to the list of registered shooters. If, after registration, you find out you won't be able to participate in the match, please let the stats director know about it, so we can free your slot to the next person on the waiting list. Paid registration fees are only returned due to medical reasons (a medical certificate is required), but a paid registration fee can be transferred to someone else participating in the rifle match.

Rifle component match fees
Registration (–4.4.2010)juniors and ladies30 €
others60 €
Late registration (5.4.2010–)70 €
Team registration20 €
Arbitration fee70 €

Component match team registration

Team registration fees must be paid in cash at the match registration desk. Exact change, please! Note that a Grand Tournament team is not the same thing as a component match team. A person can be a member of one GT team and be a member of another team in a component match, if he likes. A GT team does not have to pay the component match team fee, if it does not want to enter a team into the component match. Only teams that have paid the component match team fee will be recognized in the component match team results.


Hotels reasonably close, within about 30–40 minute car drive from the match site. There are no official match hotels, these are just some of the hotels near by.

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