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Finnish 3-gun Championship 2012 Shotgun

9.9.2012: Final results.

5.9.2012: Online verification list and stage results will be available during the match.

1.9.2012: One size M and some size XXL GT-shirts are still available, they will be sold for 15 euros a piece. If you want to reserve yours, contact the assistant match director. Any shirts left are also available at the shotgun component match registration desk on match day.

25.8.2012: Stages published

IPSC level III shotgun match:


The total capacity of the shotgun component main match is 90+10 shooters. Slots left over from the GT are given out to registering shooters on a first-come, first-served basis beginning on Monday, July 2, 2012 at 20:00 Finnish time (UTC + 3 hours). Registration link.

The last 10 slots are given out to those registered to the shotgun match waiting list by August 20, 2012. If there are more shooters on the waiting list than there are slots left in the match, the match organizers will use their best judgement in selecting the competitors (WS 2012 participants are given priority).

Payments to shotgun component match

If you have registered to and paid the Grand Tournament registration fee, you do not need to separately register to the component matches. The payment information below is only for those competitors that are not shooting the whole Grand Tournament.

Personal shotgun match registration fees must be paid to Porkkalan Ampujat ry bank account (IBAN: FI26 1449 3000 1019 73, BIC/SWIFT: NDEAFIHH). Payment instructions will be emailed to you when you are accepted into the match. Remember to use your personal payment reference number when paying the match fee. The number is shown on the registered shooters list as well as on your registration confirmation email.. Registration fees must be paid by August 20, 2012, unpaid registrations will be cancelled after that.

Competitor Accommodation

Hotels reasonably close, within about 30–40 minute car drive from the match site. There are no official match hotels, these are just some of the hotels near by.

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