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Finnish 3-gun Championship 2016

IPSC level III Grand Tournament, 36 stages and over 400 rounds in total. Three matches, one each in shotgun, rifle, and handgun.

29.8.2016: Intermediate results after two component matches published, check your scores, divisions, categories and teams!

This GT will be an official Finnish Championship tournament. The shotgun and rifle component matches will also be Finnish championship matches by themselves.

Component main match dates and locations

The first and last component matches will be held in Upinniemi, Kirkkonummi. The middle component match will be held in Mikkeli/Juva. Main match dates of the component matches are:

Prematches are held before the main match. In matches held in Kirkkonummi the prematch will be on Saturday, the day before the main match.

Further details on the component matches will be on component match specific pages.

Registration procedure

There is no separate registration to the Grand Tournament. Also there is no tournament registration fee. Your component match scores will be included in the GT results, if you participate in at least two component matches and declare a GT division at the first component match you participate in, at the registration desk.

You MUST register to each component match separately. There are no priority registration slots to component matches for those who are shooting the GT. If you fail to gain a slot to a component match because you were late in registering to the match, there's nothing we can do for you.

Competitor registration to the first component match begins on Saturday March 19, 2016 at 18:00 Finnish time (UTC + 2 hours, see the shotgun component match link on the left menu).

Tournament divisions

In order to force competitors of each GT division to compete against each other in every discipline, the GT will only offer restricted divisions. Thus the GT divisions are the following (the same as in GTs 2010-2014):

GT divisions
GT divisionHandgunShotgunRifle
"Open"OpenOpenOpen SA
"Practical"StandardStandardOpen SA
"Standard"StandardStandardStandard SA
"Production"ProductionStandard ManualStandard SA


Finnish Club teams are recognized in the Grand Tournament in each GT division. Teams must be registered at the first (shotgun) component match at the registration desk. The team fee for the whole Grand Tournament is 50 euros and must be paid in cash at registration.

For more information about the GT, see the contact page.

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