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Finnish Shotgun Championship 2016

IPSC level III (pending) shotgun, 12 stages, ~150 rounds, May 8th, 2016, divisions open, modified, standard and standard manual, location Upinniemi garrison, Kirkkonummi, Finland. Also see the GT 2016 pages for information related to the Grand Tournament this match is a part of.

8.5.2016: Map of stages and stage shooting order.

7.5.2016: Verify lists will be available at http://dy.fi/2tl . Warm soup is included in the match fee and will be served around midday on the stages.

6.5.2016: Payment status and squads updated.

27.4.2016: Kaikilta osallistujilta tarvitaan Upinniemen kulkulupia varten myös täydellinen henkilötunnus! Ilmoita henkilötunnuksesi ti 3.5.2016 mennessä tällä lomakkeella. Pahoittelemme lyhyttä varoitusaikaa, henkilötunnusten tarve vierailta varmistui vasta äskettäin.

27.4.2016: Cartridge types required: bird 125, slug 20, buck 10

4.4.2016: Match official registrations from other clubs than PorkkA are now also accepted. Match officials can shoot the prematch for free on Saturday and will be provided lunch at the range on Sunday.

3.4.2016: Reserved slots have been released, currently there are over 20 competitor slots available.

Cartridge types used in the match

A maximum of 9 pellets per buckshot cartridge are allowed in this match, per IPSC shotgun rulebook appendix E1 section 16. Required cartridge counts: bird 125, slug 20, buck 10.


All competitors and match officials must register to the match by filling out the registration form (link in the left side menu). Registration will begin for competitors on Saturday March 19, 2016 at 18:00 Finnish time (UTC + 2 hours).

The total capacity of the main match is 120 shooters. Of these slots 70 will be given out on first come, first served basis. The rest (50 slots) will be allocated on April 2nd among those who have registered for the match and are on the match waiting list. If there are more than 50 competitors on the waiting list on April 2nd, priority will be given to Nordic national teams and Finnish individuals based on placement on the Finnish IPSC shotgun ranking list.

See the schedule link on the left side menu for more information.


Payment of the personal match fee covers entry to the shotgun match only. Other component matches of the Grand Tournament must be registered to and paid for separately.

Shotgun match fees
Shotgun match officialsfree
Competitor registration
juniors and ladies40 €
others80 €
Competitor late registration (28.4.2016–, cash only)100 €
Team registration (cash only)30 €
Arbitration fee (cash only)80 €

The match registration fee must be paid in full by April 27, 2016. All unpaid normal competitor registrations will be considered cancelled after this date. Late registrations and team registrations must be paid in cash at the range at the registration desk. Foreign shooters may also pay cash at the range if they so choose, but they must contact the stats director before payment due date to arrange this.

If, after registration, you find out you won't be able to participate in the match, please let the stats director know about it, so we can free your slot to the next person on the waiting list. Paid registration fees are only returned due to medical reasons (a medical certificate is required), but a paid registration fee can be transferred to someone else participating in this match.

Bank details

Account name: Porkkalan Ampujat ry
IBAN: FI26 1449 3000 1019 73
Payment reference number (viitenumero): your personal registration reference number, check the registration list (link on the left menu)
Payment due date: April 27, 2016
Payment sum: 80 or 40 euros

If you are paying for multiple shooters, please use a separate transaction for each shooter. We are using an automated processing system that will not recognize multiple shooters' match fees being paid in one transaction. Do not pay the match fee until you have a slot in the match (= you have registered and you have not been placed on the waiting list).

Foreign shooters

We welcome foreign shooters, who are members of their respective IPSC region, to this match. Please respect the last registration date mentioned on the schedule page, because we need to apply for a special pass to get you inside the military area the match is held in. There will be no match ammunition available for sale at the match.

To bring a firearm into Finland for a shooting competition, you will always need to be in possession of a match invitation. Contact the stats director for your copy of the invitation. If you are coming from a Nordic country (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland), you can bring your locally licensed firearms to Finland based on your national license. If you are coming with firearms from an EU country outside of the Nordic countries, you will need to have a European Firearms Pass. If you are coming from outside of EU and wish to bring your firearms to this match, please contact the match director immediately to discuss the licensing issues.

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